How I made Instagram's logo using HTML and CSS🚀

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Hello Guys, Welcome back to another post of Sai Ansul's Blog. In this blog we are gonna find How I made Instagram's logo using HTML and CSS.

So let's start,

Here firstly I'll use Visual Studio Code to run the code.

image.png Then make one .html file and another .css file. and the link it using

<link rel="stylesheet" href="file name"

So after linking that, I started coding in CSS file. I started making the background using 5 colors, the added border, size and finally the initials.

This is the CSS code:

carbon (7).png

The Output:


You can directly download the Source Code to this build can be downloaded from my GitHub Repository.

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Ayodele Samuel Adebayo's photo

This is wowsome...nice one there.. 🔥

Sai Ansul's photo

Thank you so much!🤩

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Keep the good work